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As stated previously somewhere, Cheektowaga was an ambitious project and, although the label was not a financial success, it was an achievement for a little boy from Buffalo, New York whose mother had determined that he was too dark, lips too big, hair too nappy, to ever amount to anything.

The label was sidetracked by many pitfalls - drug addictions, mental health issues, economic issues - there were a host of barriers. But Cheektowga never charged the bands for recording, studio time, promotion, promotional product, marketing, transportation, required additional gear, photo sessions, or, after a recording session, "chow-downs."

We supplied bookings, riders, cases of beer, and the groupies came on their own.

There was a video taken of the gig at Kamikaze Nightclub, NYC. However, that footage has been lost in time. So, what is Cheektowaga doing today? What we always do - Music.